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Which university or program suits me best...?

Which university or program suits me best…?

We often unknowingly make decisions based on perceptions.   However, the gap between our perception and the fact may be incredibly large.

About perception, let me first ask you a question.  Which do you think is a safer place?

A.     Hong Kong

B.     Middle East

For us in Hong Kong, we definitely know that Hong Kong is a safe place, if not the safest place, in the world.  Naturally, we think that everyone on earth would definitely choose the answer “A”, like us.  You may be surprised that people in the Middle East in general are concerned about safety in Hong Kong.   People in the Middle East in general think that Hong Kong is now a communist society and may not be a safe place to visit.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?

In making higher education choices, it is important that we decide on facts rather than perceptions.

Have you ever thought about the following?

Microsoft Word - 20130320 Betty06_perceptions_table

Perceptions can be deceiving.  We must ask smart questions about the program and the area of study.


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