Psychological Traps (1/2)

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Psychological Traps (1/2)


I have recently attended a training workshop on Managerial Decision Making.  It has been very useful to me.  I am particularly keen to share with the admission-seeking students what I learned about psychological traps in decision making.  Let’s take a look at some of these traps which may affect the important but tough decisions like finalizing the JUPAS choices (or making a decision among non-JUPAS offers from different universities).


The Anchoring Trap

In the process of making a decision, the mind gives particularly heavy weight to the first impression or advice from an “authoritative party”.  This is called the ‘anchoring trap’. Here are some examples of the ‘anchoring trap’ and how to avoid them:

Microsoft Word - table01Picture2

Click here for Part II

Betty Law
Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office, HKUST

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