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Great is the Influence of Environment and Nurture

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The brand new HKUST Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) building is located at the top of a knoll adjacent to the southern side of the HKUST campus.

HKUST is a research university. The integral part of a research university is ‘the interaction among scientists and scholars to pursue enduring knowledge’. This is precisely the aim of HKUST’s Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).

If you are wondering what has that got to do with you, our (would-be) students, just imagine world leading scientists and researchers engaged in pioneering research; the next great scientific discovery and technology breakthrough in the making… right here on the HKUST Campus. As our students, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn from them, participate in faculty led pioneering research project, and work closely with senior researchers in original scholarly or scientific activities.

‘Great is the influence of environment and nurture’(居移體、養移氣), says Mencius, a philosopher and educationist in ancient China.

When Mencius was small, his mother moved three times to better his education(孟母三遷). Madam Meng and Mencius used to live near the cemetery and Madam Meng did not think the environment good for young Mencius’ development. She decided to move and she had to move three times before finally settling near a school where young Mencius could learn (and play?) with students of the School.

In the best (learning) environment, with the best people (and great minds), will bring out the best in you.

Just an FYI, HKUST is Asia’s No. 1 University for 3 consecutive years (2011-2013, QS Asian University Ranking) and we are World’s No. 1 Young University (Top University under 50 years, QS World University Ranking 2013).


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