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JUPAS and non-JUPAS split

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20130129_Betty01_With SA_LT_

“Why do universities prefer non-JUPAS students and provide an easy “back-door” entry route to them?” This question comes up repeatedly from teachers and parents. They seem so sure that it is a fact.

Well, let’s get the facts straight. It is true that we want to see a more diverse student body. However, I would say that back-door entry is a perceived reality rather than a reality. Here’s some information about our non-JUPAS admission:

- We do not have a JUPAS/non-JUPAS quota. We expect to fill 85% (+/-) of the 1900 places for local students through the JUPAS Scheme. For special double-cohort admission cycle in 2012, our JUPAS intake accounts for 87% of the 3-Year intake and 98% of the 4Y intake.

- 2013 Non-JUPAS intake would also include HKALE repeaters, and sub-degree holders. In our experience, these candidates are in general more mature and clearer of their goals. They do deserve having a second chance.

- The median IB score is 37 out of 45, the median GCEAL score is 1A*2A and the median SAT Reasoning Test score is 2,020 out of 2,400. Like JUPAS students, non-JUPAS students also need to work very hard in order to get into UST.

- We go for internationalization but not at the expenses of admitting local students. There is a separate admission quota for admitting students from the Mainland and the rest of the world.

Betty Law
Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office, HKUST
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ustbetty