A little and a lot

Letter TOur President, Tony Chan, often speaks of a “T-Model”. The horizontal line represents the breadth of knowledge and the vertical one stands for the depth. He envisions that both the breadth and depth of knowledge would be the goal for everyone including our students. In his words, “You need to know a little about everything to find your bearing in the world, and you need to know a lot about a little area in order for personal passion and self-confidence to take root.”


And here’s what a University education offers you –abundant opportunities to explore, to experience, and to define your passion. Passion is the starting point of the road towards success and happiness. If you love what you do, you will do it well. It is half way towards success. If you love the life you live, you will certainly be happy.

When we at HKUST develop the Undergraduate Common Core Education Program –as an integral part of HKUST’s undergraduate education, we cover broad areas, e.g., humanities, social analysis, science and technology, quantitative reasoning, arts, English communication, Chinese communication, and healthy lifestyle through the 260+ courses just to make this educational ideology described above strive.  The Common Core Program is exactly the horizontal stroke of this letter “T”.

KChow02_Pic2_v2All HKUST undergraduate students spend roughly 30% of their time at HKUST to explore this breath, highlighting one of our key educational emphasis.  We believe the appreciation of humanity, art and music is just as important to a young person’s intellectual development as their professional skills and academic expertise.

We are here to help you find something that really excites and guide you towards where your passion lies.


Prof King L. Chow

Academic Director (Undergraduate Core Education)

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