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A little and a lot

Our President, Tony Chan, often speaks of a “T-Model”. The horizontal line represents the breadth of knowledge and the vertical one stands for the depth. He envisions that both the breadth and depth of knowledge would be the goal for everyone including our students. In his words, “You need to know a little about everything to find your bearing in the world, and you need to know a lot about a little area in order for personal passion and self-confidence [...]

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No more about “What?” Go for “Why?”

I was told this blog is primarily for high school students who are not yet UST students. Having met literally tens of thousands of them over the past two decades (mass sessions, admission interviews, high school talks and graduation ceremonies), there are things I believe young adults like yourselves have to think through before making your life-changing decision in this brand new phase of life. Like everyone else, you have gone to many admission talks, infodays, college/uni exhibits. You have [...]

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