Business Case Analyses


Business Case Analyses 1 How did you feel about the data? Helpless? Scared? I’m eager to share with you how I prepared my very first presentation in UST a year ago!

It was a presentation in my favorite class called Business Case Analyses. This course helps us apply our knowledge learnt in lessons by doing business case analysis, which enables students to develop skills from various aspects like analytical skills, communication skills and data management skills.

Honestly, I was nervous and scared. How would it be possible for me to analyze at least three problems from the table above with only FIVE English words there? At that time, we had ample ideas in mind but no one knew the correct approach so we hesitated and dared not continue our work. Guided by our instructor, we understood that it wasn’t bad to list out every possibility first and then chose the one we felt good.

Business Case Analyses 2

In secondary school, we always wrote as many as possible on our exam paper as marks are usually given to the correct points. Relevance is rarely taken into account. Now, we have to carefully select relevant data and turn them into useful information. This was the most challenging part during my preparation in this case when there’s no model answer. After weeks of learning and preparation, powerpoint slides were born ultimately! I did earn a great sense of satisfaction for converting the meaningless numbers into tables, charts and constructive suggestions!

Business Case Analyses 3

If I were asked to do the same task again, I could do this in a few days instead of a few weeks. With more experience in business case analysis and presentations, a business sense has been cultivated gradually and it’s much easier for us to choose a direction now.

Business Case Analyses (LABU) is my favorite class. At the beginning of the academic year, I had no idea what analysis was. The year passed and we have worked hard. I enjoy and cherish the experience of exploring new things or skills. While not every piece of our work was used or presented in class, our effort was never wasted and we have got closer to achieving our goals!

Business Case Analyses 4

Cecilia Ling
School of Business and Management

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