Exchange @ Singapore? Walao!


Staying in Singapore from Jan to May 2013 is the most memorable experience in my university life.


Being an exchange student at the National University of Singapore is like having a vacation to explore more apart from HK and HKUST. Laksa, chicken rice, black pepper crab, bak kut teh etc, cheap and delicious.

Singaporean boys have to go for National Service at 18 before attending university, majority of them are very muscular. Sport is so popular in Singapore that you can see sunshine boys and girls around. I also joined Outward Bound Singapore for obstacle training and served as volunteer at NUS Biathlon.


Going to exchange also implies having the chance to travel to nearby countries for leisure trips. I went to Sabah and Cambodia with HKU, HKUST, CUHK friends that I know at NUS.


After the exchange, I am more independent to handle emotions and open to diversified culture. DSE/AL freshmen, prospective students, please do not hesitate and apply for exchange! Concern about finance? HKUST provides exchange sponsorship or you can just simply work hard to get scholarships! Opportunities are all around, go grasp them and don’t ever let yourself regret!

65520_10151198784481887_1728220323_n Lam Yuen Ting Kristy
BEng Computer Science

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