My First JOBA Experience

Joba, 組爸, is a terminology I learned in university referring to a male group leader during a camp. I have actually been in 3 Orientation Camps, once as a freshmen, and twice as an executive committee (my third one as executive committee is coming up :D ) Anyhow, when I first signed up for WISE camp, I had always though being a Joba was just basically to have fun. The truth turned out to be very different…

WISE Camp HandbookDay one, I had to wake up at 7am (who does that during summer T^T), grab my bags and head off to pick up my campers. The day went on pretty fast, ice breaking, lectures, and of course, my beloved campfire (taught the campers all songs in record breaking time) Who knew my day couldn’t end there…At night, we went to explore the campus. An experience I shall never forget with all the screaming…That night I slept at 3.

20130722_Wise JOBA02Day two, I woke up at 4am (how I wish it was pm)…My Jo Daughters wanted to see the sunrise…So after one hour of sleep, I dragged myself up and headed to the sea front and saw one of the most beautiful sight in my life. Then the tiring day ended with me sleeping slightly earlier.

20130722_sunrise03 Day 3, Mission Possible (a treasure hunt game), I had my check point all set up and was worrying the where-about of my Jo Daughters (I laughed a little when someone told me how energetic they were). In the end, my Jo Daughters group won the first place in Mission Possible. I even got a little gift from them before the sad goodbye.

20130722_note to joba04So…after this camp, I realize being a Joba is way harder than it sounds and look. You are not just a participant but you are responsible for the campers in your group. You are not just spending your energy to have fun, but you are spending it to allow your campers to have fun. In the end, the smiles of those girls’ face made me realized that it was all worth it.

John Li
BEng Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering

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