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Lesson learnt – Everything isn’t that miserable after you tried.

Call room 2

Being overwhelmed with posters and emails, I applied to be a caller in Telephone Campaign hosted by the HKUST Development and Alumni Office.

Our duty is to call alumni and update their personal information, tell them more about UST’s latest development and invite them to make a gift to UST.

Imagine callers staying in a room, each wearing a headphone speaker and chit-chatting. Boring? Interesting? I tell you, I chatted with each alumnus for at least 30mins on average!

Since I am promoting to Year 3, career concerns me the most. The computer software allows mutual matches between alumni and callers. With the opportunity to chat with alumni of similar background, I instantly knew the latest trend and had a better mindset of what goals to achieve in my UG final year.

I engaged in quite a lot in UST, school team member, part-time student helper, SA, ex-co, 3-yr hall resident etc. I just had numerous topics to share with alumni. To my amazement, some of them even proactively requested to exchange contact details for future job referrals.

Your first impression of asking for donation may not be a good one, me either. It feels like being a salesperson and asks for money. I proved myself wrong. As the campaign went on, I realized the technique of stimulating alumnus’ participation and engagement in the conversation. When we actively shared inspiring thoughts, there was affinity.

All gifts will go to Alumni Endowment Fund with a matching donation of 1:3. Since a large portion is allocated for exchange sponsorship, I shared a lot on how this helped me in shouldering financial burden such as air tickets and hall residential fees while I was on exchange.

If you have stories to share and even want to know more about UST stories, don’t hesitate to apply as a caller in your summer breaks when you become a UST student! You can also develop a good alumni network like me, knowing alumni that work in my dream company and industry.

Trust me, you never feel that confident and satisfied until you notice every single penny that alumni give will be tripled just because of YOU!

Call room3

Too much to share, I should stop here. Hope to see you next year! Let’s make it a win-win situation!


Kristy Lam
BEng Computer Science

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