A Magical Summer!


It’s September! Back to school again, yay or nay? Anyways, my summer was absolutely amazing. I joined a ten-week summer internship at Walt Disney World in Florida.




In March, I applied the International College Programme through the School of Business and Management and went through two rounds of interviews and I was in! It was like a dream came true!

I chose the “merchandize” position and worked in Disney merchandize stores. It was nothing like other merchandize jobs, I got to meet people from all around the world and see all the happy faces everyday. Being a devoted Disney fan, it was just added up to it!

Disney provided us with accommodation and I stayed with another Hong Kong girl and four British girls in a three-room apartment. Yes, I literally lived in the happiest place on Earth. We, CPs (college program participants, that’s how we call ourselves) come from all over the world: France, America, England, Brazil… everywhere you name it! It is the lifelong friendships that I made makes this program one of a kind.

Here I learnt to dare to dream and be open-minded. Your one little move can totally make your guests’ day magical. Believe it or not, this program is surely an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The tasks we did might have no relations to what we study, but it’s the experience and what you learn that makes it so special, unique and valuable. And I bet there is no other internship as good as this.

I am so glad that I applied this program!

Magical Night!

Magical Night!

Portia Chan
School of Business and Management


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