A Sweet Valentine’s Day


This year we have both western and Chinese Valentine’s Day on the same day, which allows us to express our appreciation towards our loved ones. On this day, our school expressed “Love” towards students through a lovely event.



I was “Miss Sweet” on this day.
In the morning, I assisted our President to distribute marshmallow to other schoolmates. I was glad to be a student helper to distribute sweet marshmallow and share “Love” to people. Everyone who got the marshmallow left with fulfilled smiles. Also, it was my first time to make marshmallow. It seems to be easy to make but actually it is very difficult to make a beautiful one. What a nice experience!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the afternoon, I represented my cohort ‘Krugman’ to distribute MUJI snacks and cupcakes as a token of love to Krugman members. If you are a Krugmaner, did you get one? Taste good? So happy to see all of your smiling faces! Wish you all like the cupcakes and snacks.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Fanny Wu
BBA in Economics


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