Ralph Lauren Business Project


During the fall and winter semester of 2013, I, along with 5 other undergraduates, served as a team of business consultants for a Ralph Lauren Corporate Project. The goals of the project were to identify opportunities to grow the business by collecting insight on consumer perception and exceptions and presenting our findings and recommendations.

Ralph Lauren Business Project

Ralph Lauren Business Project

We conducted “real-life” market research by designing and carrying out 3 feedback questionnaires, targeting customers who shopped and purchased from Ralph Lauren City Gate, customers who shopped but did not purchased, and staff. We collected more than 200 face to face responses to analyze the quantitative data with Excel software and presented to the senior management of Ralph Lauren.

This business project, which is a 2 credit course offered by the School of Business and Management, is truly a thought-provoking, self-learning and excellent career stepping stone and I highly recommend others to take it. As a result of this project, I’ve further enhanced my leadership skills that would be very useful in my future career as this skill set is an important ingredient to getting work done efficiently and effectively. I’ve also further developed my communication skills with people of all levels of a company. In this project, I interacted closely with the Merchandising Brand Director and others, which built up my skills in communication and interpersonal skills. Also, our group conducted questionnaires with customers and staff of Ralph Lauren in City Gate, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to be unafraid to approach strangers.

Charis Yip
BBA in Marketing and Management


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